Our vision is to offer our customers the alternative products in the low brass instrument market. Giving our customers different choice is main philosophy idea in our business.

We are trying to keep the European quality of instrument assembling, while offering the instruments at highly attractive prices. The factory has a long history of musical instruments production, and our multiyear experience contributes in converting our skills to the best tubas for our customers.

Who are our individual customers? Our customers are not in a rush to buy a brand name but on the contrary, they are looking for a sound quality of the instrument for reasonable money. On the other hand they do not want to encourage the clone production manufactures but values the own factory’s ideas of instrument design development. They are looking for the best value for money on the market, and STPETE tuba is definitely a right address for them. 

It is known that STPETE is popular in schools in the U.S., and school market is the main market for STPETE tubas in the U.S. The explanation of this fact is the same: best value for money on the market. However, we are far from being in illusion that all schools buyers are looking for decent sound characteristics, of course many of them are price tags observers. But we are stick with our low price philosophy so far, to sell the best price/quality ratio on the market.


The differences

Below we would like to focus reader’s attention on the following main features of STPETE brandname:


STPETE factory is rather small factory; our team is 65 people. We are specializing only in tuba manufacturing which gives us obvious advantage over big “supermarket” factories, offering tubas among other musical instruments in their production lines. On the other hand, we are big enough not to convert to boutique factory pretending to manufacture a piece of art for not less than $15000 per tuba.     


Communication features

  • Comprehensive direct feedback for our dealers and individual customers through our website;
  • English speaking open minded staff with west-oriented mentality;
  • Broad communications with tuba professionals around the world;
  • Participating (directly or through the dealer network) in the main tuba fairs around the year;



Tuba sales in the U.S. since ’95. Overall factory history goes back to 19th century. There is ongoing process of quality improving during recent 15 years of sales history in the U.S., while the retail price has not changed in recent years.